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Abstract Architecture

M3 real estate development has worked on multiple real estate projects. The main focus in the commercial sector has been hotel projects, changing both office and bank buildings into hotels. The company was also a lead investor and managed the construction of a new hotel on Laugavegur in the city center of Reykjavík, opened in December 2019.
M3 has been involved in various residential projects in many of the municipalities in the larger capital area, working with both investors and contractors in the building sector.

The guiding principle of M3 real estate development is to achieve efficiency in each real estate project with a thorough design process and preparation before construction begins. Like an old Icelandic saying says ”In the beginning, you should always look at the end”
Örn v. Kjartansson

Managing Director

Örn has worked in the real estate sector for over 20 years. He worked on the extension of Kringlan shopping center in 1998-2000 and later was the managing director of the center to 2005. Later he became the managing director of Landic property in Iceland that was the largest real estate company in Iceland at the time. There he led both acquisitions of real estate portfolios and as well as developing greenfield projects. He worked as a real estate consultant before starting a real estate fund with many of the largest pension funds in Iceland, FÍ real estate fund. After exiting the fund in 2015 he founded M3 real estate development and has been developing various projects both commercial and residential with other investors and building contractors in the market.

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